How to plant your CDH Sunflower Sunday seeds

Sunflowers are loved by all for their big, bright yellow flower heads that brighten up anyone’s day! Sow Sunflowers in Spring through to Summer.

Growing your own produce from seed is very rewarding and makes a great hobby for people of all ages. Most plants are very easy to grow from seed and annual flowers and vegetables will produce their crops within as little as 8 weeks.

Tips For Sowing Sunflower Seeds

Larger seeds such as those of Sunflowers, are usually best sown directly into the garden where they will grow. The soil should be prepared to a fine surface, free from lumps and stones, and should be lightly moist prior to planting. Sow the seeds according to the recommended spacing at a depth of 3-6cm. Firm the seed down and gently water. Our planting advice is from DT Brown.



Helianthus annuus

Sun King

Very easy to grow, this giant plant produces large, bright yellow heads on stalks that can reach over 4m (14ft). Annual. Height generally 1.8m (6ft)+


LOCATION – A Sunny but sheltered position.

SOW – 2 seeds per position, 5mm (1/4 in) deep in flowering position. Keep moist.

SEEDLINGS EMERGE – 12-16 days.

SPACING – Approx. 30cm (1ft) apart. Thin out to one plant per position.

FLOWERS – 12-14 weeks after sowing.

CARE – Keep well-watered. As the flower heads develop, plants may need staking for support.