Stories of survival

These stories are written by families with a child who was born with and survived Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is where our families can share their journey and celebrate the lives of CDH warriors who are surviving and thriving.


It is important to note, outcomes for children with CDH are varied and depend on factors such as the severity of the condition. Most babies who survive CDH will meet their developmental milestones like other children but will require regular check-ups with their doctors.


Our family stories are heartfelt and inspiring but may be emotionally triggering. For support options, please visit How we can help


Please respect the privacy of the authors by not sharing the content without their permission. Some stories are password protected: Please email us to request the CDH stories password.

Jane Hassing

Hayley Ginns

Anna Fogarty

Ariana Kjaersgaard

Bailey Viset

Harlee Timms

Natalie Whittle

Jackson McKay

Rebecca Reid

Fallon McClelland

Liam Knott

Thomas Nash

Gabriel Kia

Ariana Melrose

Eli Grisewood

Jesse Wood

Joshua Vidic

Logan Buchanan

Ruby Prentice

Ignatius Cartwright

Hudson Stace

Hope Keavney

Iona Franklin

Noah Morrison

Harrison Mattschoss

Lucy Vodopic

Kurt Blayney


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