5 fundraising tips for Fun Runs

5 Tips To Help You Fundraise For A Fun Run


Firstly, well done for taking part in a Fun Run! Fundraising can be a bit daunting, but we have some tips from others who have fundraised before.


Tip 1: Share the ‘why’
People are more inclined to donate to a cause if they know why a person is fundraising, and if there is a human story behind it. It can be difficult sharing personal stories (and you should only do so if you feel comfortable) but it can also be a powerful experience that brings closeness. If you are fundraising for your CDH baby – be that in memory of your angel, or in honour of your surviving baby – it personalises the cause and reasons you want to fundraise and build awareness. People get behind other people!


Tip 2: Ask close family and friends directly
Your closest support network are more likely to donate as they know you, your story and will want to support you. It’s a good idea to ask these people directly, either through an email, message or when you catch up in person. You can also offer a few different ways for your family or friends to support you so you don’t feel that you are pressuring them financially. An example of what you could email is: ‘I am taking part in a Fun Run to raise money for CDH Australia. I am doing this because <insert your why>. I would appreciate any support — if you are in a position to donate, every dollar counts! You can also support me by joining the Fun Run and running with me, by sharing my donation page, by sharing my social media posts, or by cheering me on during the run.”


Tip 3: Post on your social media channels
If you are active on social media and feel comfortable, share your story and put out a call for donations. You can post updates on your running training, or share photos of your little one who you are running on behalf of! Image work really well on social media posts, as does making sure you include your why!


Tip 4: Email your work team or work place
Send an email around to your work team or office letting them know that you are trying to raise funds and awareness through a Fun Run. If you don’t work in an office, you could send an email to your clients, employers, or employees.


Tip 5: Also encourage non-financial support
This was mentioned above — remember keep in mind that not everyone is in a position to donate financially. It is helpful to offer other ways to support you too. Ask people to join the Fun Run with you, to train with you, to turn up and support you on the day of the run, or to share your social media posts and calls for donations!


Lastly, if you are running and fundraising for CDH Australia — a very big thank you!