Susan Fisher

Susan has worked with, and volunteered for, not-for-profits for many years. She specialises in helping small organisations manage their day-to-day operations, marketing, communications, events, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment.


Susan joined the CDH Australia team in 2017 as a part-time consultant and has also volunteered additional hours to assist our organisation. In 2021, Susan formalised her volunteer commitment and became the Board Secretary.


Although Susan has not had a direct connection with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, she has worked closely with families in the CDH community since 2017 and is always impressed by the resilience and kindness of the members who make up the community. “The generosity of support within the CDH community is the backbone of our organisation,” says Suze.


Susan enjoys travelling, kayaking, and cooking. Her favourite day of the CDH calendar is CDH Sunflower Sunday.  “There is a huge outpouring of love and support within the community. My goal is for everyone to have a full heart at the end of each CDH Sunflower Sunday,” says Suze.

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