CDH Sunflower Sunday

CDH Sunflower Sunday: A Day of Celebration, Remembrance, Hope, and Unity

CDH Sunflower Sunday is held on the middle Sunday of November each year. Events take place all over Australia to mark the pinnacle of a month dedicated to acknowledging the unique journey and collective experiences of families and individuals who have been impacted by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

In Australia November is a time to raise the profile of CDH, advocate for patients, provide support for families and raise funds for CDH Australia.

CDH affects lives profoundly, and CDH Sunflower Sunday serves as a heartfelt tribute to the babies who lost their lives to CDH, the resilient survivors, and the families navigating this challenging journey.

A Month of Awareness and Fundraising:
Throughout the month, communities across Australia come together to spread awareness and raise funds for CDH Australia. This impactful initiative ensures that the stories of those affected by CDH are heard, fostering understanding and support.


CDH Sunflower Sunday Highlights:
On this special day people from all walks of life unite to remember and honour those touched by CDH. From local gatherings to virtual events, the Australian community comes together to share stories, offer support, and celebrate the strength of our community.


Remembering Precious Lives:
CDH Sunflower Sunday is a poignant opportunity to remember the precious lives lost to CDH. Our public events all include a remembrance ceremony where, through shared moments of reflection, families and friends pay tribute to the enduring spirit of the little ones who left an indelible mark.


Celebrating Survival:
This day is also a celebration of the strength and resilience shown by those who survived their battle with CDH, whether children or adults. We recognise and honoure their courage in facing and overcoming the challenges associated with CDH.


Supporting Families:
CDH Sunflower Sunday emphasizes the importance of community and support networks. Families who have walked the CDH journey find solace in shared experiences, forming connections that offer comfort and understanding that often cannot be found in their existing networks.


Get Involved:
Participate in CDH Sunflower Sunday by fundraising, attending local events, joining virtual gatherings, or organising activities in your community. Your involvement contributes to a broader movement of awareness, support, and fundraising for CDH Australia.


Join us in making CDH Sunflower Sunday a day of celebration, remembrance, hope, and unity. Together, we can shine a light on the impact of CDH, support those affected, and work towards a future where this condition no longer casts a shadow on young lives.

The symbolic sunflower 


For CDH families, the sunflower inspires hope, warmth and strength.  Sunflowers hold different meanings in different cultures. For example, in Greek mythology it is the symbol of the water nymph Clytie, who after grieving the loss of her love Apollo, turns into a sunflower whose face always follows the sun.


For us, sunflowers inspire hope after a period of darkness; of finding light.


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