Adults with CDH

Adults with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) can, and do, live normal and full lives. Throughout childhood, lungs will grow and strengthen. Children with CDH have regular medical follow-up appointments, which may include breathing tests to examine the strength and capacity of lungs, as well as x-rays or ultrasounds. The goal is for CDH survivors to understand the condition they were born with so that as adults they are aware of any complications, or limitations they may face, and to know when to seek medical advice and help. 


Currently, there is not a great deal of research or data available to understand the long-term outcomes for adults who suffered CDH as babies. Qualitative data from CDH survivors indicates the long-term effects to be dependent on the severity of CDH at birth, and any complications experienced during the early stages of life. 


You can read about our CDH ambassadors – each is a CDH survivor.


Or, read the profile of James Paull who is a CDH survivor and a previous CDH Australia Board Member. 

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